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History of the Hacienda

Northeast of the city ¡s one of the few former Haciendas—known today as "Chichi Suárez"— located just outside Mérida and only 6 miles from the Siglo XXI Convenlion Centén

The Hacienda was founded in 1558 by Don Alfonso de Rosado, then passed through several hands until it was purchased by Don Juan de Montejo Maldonado—grandson of the city's founder—from the "encomendera" (holder of a crown grant of tribute and slave labor of the native indigenous people) Doña Catarina de Andrade, and later sold in 1640. In 1919, the Hacienda, ori-ginally called "Santa Maria Chichi", was inherited by Olegario Molina from his wife. In April of 1922, "R. Suárez and Wife" company purchased it and gave it the name it is known by today, "Chichi Suárez". In May 1953, Mr. Omar G. Díaz y Díaz purchased the hacienda from one of the Suárez descendants, Mr. Suárez Molina.

The Hacienda maintains the eclectic style of times gone by, with a definite Neoclassic bent expressed in the decorations on the fagade, in the friezes and cornices.

The main house—including a machinery building, Chapel, well and pond—has a large garden attached to it that is ideal for events of up to 800 people, while the overseer's house, oratory and other buildings créate a wonderful ambiance for events of up to 4,000 participants.

The Hacienda has been remodeled for social events and as a tourist site. Part of the remodeling includes a kitchen designed for banquet service, a parking lot that can hold more than 200 cars, bathroom facilities for up to 1,000 people and artistically placed lighting.