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Say “Yes, forever!” in Hacienda Chichí Suarez

Your wedding will be the magical moment you have imagined next to the person you love. Experience it in this heavenly place and build a story you will never forget. The best day of your life awaits you!

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Capture every moment of this special occasion.

In Hacienda Chichí you will have an unmatched stage for those moments of emotions, bliss, and joy, but above all, to share the memories of our happiness.

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The Chichí Suarez Hacienda was the perfect place for our wedding, thanks to its extensive gardens and facilities, they made our experience unique and unforgettable. We decided to hold the event on the main grounds with the facade of the Hacienda as background, which with the lighting, was the perfect setting for our big day.

Likewsie, we took advantage of the Hacienda early on, since they did my makeup there and the photo session was held within Hacienda landmarks. Definitely, the proximity of the Hacienda with the City makes it unique and very comfortable for both the couple and the guests.

Marielí & Francisco


We chose Chichi Suarez because my family and I have always loved the Hacienda, from the landscape to the big entrance hall, we love that we had several spaces to choose from and we could take advantage of that. We served cocktails pre-reception in a different area from the reception. The trees so big and full of life also captivated us. Another important detail was the location, half of our guests were foreign and they didn’t have cars available so they were able to use the transport we selected, or they could arrive and leave on Uber, it was a centric place with easy access. We were helped when picking the date and they were always available, answering quickly whenever we needed something.

We are very pleased with their attention and I would recommend this Hacienda in a heartbeat!

Alejandra & Mauricio


Our daughter’s wedding took place at Hacienda Chichi, and we didn’t hesitate in choosing this venue. It has lovely gardens, beautifully kept, and a capacity for many guests, you have the opportunity to select from various settings for the comfort of the attendants. And best of all, their personnel is very attentive and willing to cooperate in every way so that the event can look how you desire. And something very important, it’s very close to the city, you don’t need to drive for a long time!!! We are very satisfied we have chosen it!

The Hacienda surpassed our expectations, we loved having the possibility to choose different spaces to have the ceremony, serve cocktails, and the dinner party, everything in the same location, which was perfect for us being a destination wedding. Similarly, the proximity and easy access to the Hacienda was convenient for our guests, both foreign and from out of state. And the most important thing, the beauty of the gardens and buildings that framed the entire event. It was the best decision!

Angelica & Matthew


We live in Monterrey and we were looking for a Hacienda in Yucatán for the most important day of our lives, our wedding. We found the most beautiful venue, exactly what we were looking for. A Hacienda with vintage architecture and full of nature. We immediately decided that Hacienda Chichi Suárez was the right place. We got married in March 2020 and the venue was the best decision. The guests loved the place just as much as we did, and they enjoyed every moment. One of the best aspects of the Hacienda is the proximity to Mérida, making the access much easier for the guests. It was a dreamlike wedding and we would choose this beautiful place a thousand more times.

Daniela & Rosendo


The Hacienda with its architecture, spaces, colors, textures, and contact with nature, was always our first choice. The different spaces to make our event more dynamic were wonderful. The personnel was very attentive from minute one, they were willing to guide us at every moment, we are very grateful for that. The team is very coordinated and professional, everything was ready and flawless in perfect time. The access for vendors to all areas helped the assembly flow without setbacks. The location of the Hacienda is very convenient for guests, it’s only a few minutes away from the city. I would recommend it a thousand times.

Lucia & David


First of all, I am very grateful for the service and the attention we were provided with, from the moment we chose to have our wedding at the Hacienda we were treated very nicely and they were very helpful. All the time they helped us organize the decor so that it highlighted the beauty of the Hacienda, which is a place with beautiful, broad green spaces, where you can have any kind of event and let your imagination fly. It was definitely the dream wedding, not only because of the venue but also for the people who work there. From the manager to the security personnel, everyone is attentive at all times to provide quality service, so if you are looking for a place to have a wedding, without hesitating we recommend you Hacienda Chichí Suárez.

Diego & Yus


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April 2024