First of all, I am very grateful for the service and the attention we were provided with, from the moment we chose to have our wedding at the Hacienda we were treated very nicely and they were very helpful. All the time they helped us organize the decor so that it highlighted the beauty of the Hacienda, which is a place with beautiful, broad green spaces, where you can have any kind of event and let your imagination fly. It was definitely the dream wedding, not only because of the venue but also for the people who work there. From the manager to the security personnel, everyone is attentive at all times to provide quality service, so if you are looking for a place to have a wedding, without hesitating we recommend you Hacienda Chichí Suárez.

Diego & Yus


We chose Chichi Suarez because my family and I have always loved the Hacienda, from the landscape to the big entrance hall, we love that we had several spaces to choose from and we could take advantage of that. We served cocktails pre-reception in a different area from the reception. The trees so big and full of life also captivated us. Another important detail was the location, half of our guests were foreign and they didn’t have cars available so they were able to use the transport we selected, or they could arrive and leave on Uber, it was a centric place with easy access. We were helped when picking the date and they were always available, answering quickly whenever we needed something.

We are very pleased with their attention and I would recommend this Hacienda in a heartbeat!

Alejandra & Mauricio


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